About Mind Nutrition

We founded Mind Nutrition in late 2009 with a focus on developing performance-driven nootropic formulas to produce unrivaled results when it came to optimizing cognitive function.

Today, our core approach to creating unique, effective and honest products remains unchanged - and we're only just getting started.

Our mission is to deliver practical, science-based information and products to enhance cognitive function, restore hormonal balances and optimize your performance at a cellular level so that your body and mind will always perform at their peak.

During this pursuit we have gained the support of thousands of customers who enjoy the positive impact our products have on their lives.

The MN difference

Unlike most companies, we don't spend our money on sensationalist advertising or over the top commercials and endorsements to tell you how good our products are; the results customers experience from our products and advice speak for themselves.

We believe it is important that we invest our time into developing and directly supporting our customers and industries which stand to benefit from us doing so, and based on the overwhelmingly positive feedback we receive on a regular basis, we will continue to primarily promote and enhance our customers and markets of interest by doing so.

Our Formulas

The key to designing effective supplements is to ensure that we not only carefully select each nutrient, but also consider the role they play within a formula and their potential for synergy with the rest of the ingredients. Many companies ignore this approach and offer products with too many unnecessary ingredients that provide no synergy between each other, all at ineffective doses.

At Mind Nutrition, we aim to develop the most individually specialized Nootropic and Eutropic® supplements available.

We carefully consider the dose, concentration and interaction of every single nutrient we use, ensuring that each ingredient in our formulas plays a vital role and contributes to creating a great product. Because we go to great lengths to ensure we use only the purest, most effective nutrients and compounds, our formulas contain the most synergistic ingredient profiles of any nootropic supplements on the market.

We believe in transparency, and to demonstrate this, we offer free samples of our products because we're that confident in them. They're completely free, including the shipping.

Quality through and through

Our stand-alone products are manufactured using only the very best ingredients available to us. Our attention to detail spans from our capsules, the most natural and durable on the market, made from 100% Pullulan and nothing else, which ensures a high quality product with no compromises, through to the ingredients we use, always sourced from reputable sources.

We pride ourselves in not adding any unnecessary ingredients or compounds into our products. That means that our products are 100% free from salt, yeast, starch, gluten and especially GMOs.