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Functionally Optimised

A total of 8 natural ingredients optimised for bioavailability and effectiveness, combined for high-level synergy and results you can feel.

Natural, Proven Ingredients

Hush™ contains upgraded ingredients that are scientifically proven to support sleep quality, deeper sleep, and faster recovery.

Non-Habit Forming

100% natural ingredients carefully selected for their long-term safety profiles, non-addictive properties, and research-backed results.

Natural Sleep and Recovery Support

Improving the quality of your sleep is one of the best ways to improve mood, energy, and cognitive performance. Restful and rejuvenating sleep is fundamental to health and feeling great, but so many of us don't get enough high quality sleep.

Hush™ contains scientifically optimised ingredients that activate the pathways and receptors responsible for supporting recovery, inflammation, mood, and most importantly, sleep quality.

Our vision when developing Hush™ was to create a natural, non-habitual, fast-acting and comprehensive sleep, mood, and recovery formulation while serving as the perfect companion to Neurochill®.

Hush™ has been through dozens of iterations over a number of years during the research and development process. With some innovative technologies recently being developed to enhance the properties of various compounds, we are finally able to deliver one of our most exciting products to date.

Hush is Fast Acting

Hush™ gets to work fast! Key ingredients in Hush are optimized to improve bioavailability and uptake speed, which means that Hush begins working in as little as fifteen minutes after a dose.

The ingredients found in Hush™ have been carefully selected, dosed and synergistically paired for optimal and balanced results. This combination promotes deeper, restful sleep by targeting the neurotransmitters and signaling the pathways associated with sleep and the natural sleep-wake cycle. Key ingredients activate the CB1 and CB2 receptors via the endocannabinoid system, supporting inflammation and mood.

Hush™ takes sleep support and recovery to a new level.

Cutting Edge Ingredients

Levagen®+ PEA 450 mg

Palmitoylethanolamide enhanced with LipiSperse®

Enhanced with LipiSperse® technology, Levagen®+ is up to 1.8x more bioavailable than standard palmitoylethanolamide (PEA). Levagen®+ is absorbed and acts in the body within 15 minutes, based on data of a pharmacokinetic study designed to measure uptake of PEA in the body.

Levagen®+ is backed by numerous human clinical studies that suggest this enhanced form of PEA exhibits a unique combination of neuroprotective, analgesic, anxiolytic and anti-inflammatory actions while maintaining an excellent safety profile.

Levagen®+ acts through the bodies natural endocannabinoid pathways via CB1 and CB2 receptors. This endocannabinoid signaling is shown to promote deep sleep leaving you feeling rested and energised in the mornings.

Hush™ incorporates an evidence-based dose of 450mg of Levagen®+ in every serving.

TranqMag™ Complex 112 mg

Magnesium N-Acetyltaurinate (ATA Mg®) and Magnesium Glycinate

Magnesium N-Acetyltaurinate is the only taurinergic form of magnesium, and it is very effective at crossing the blood-brain barrier for optimal bioavailability.

TranqMag™ is a carefully balanced blend of magnesium n-acetyltaurinate (ATA Mg®) and magnesium bisglycinate. Magnesium is an essential mineral involved in hundreds of processes in the brain and body, including regulating crucial neurotransmitters.

ATA Mg® is shown to inhibit kainic acid and to positively impact sleep quality.

Magnesium Glycinate is an incredibly well-tolerated and bioavailable form of magnesium which exhibits positive effects on sleep quality.

TranqMag™ provides 112mg of sleep-optimizing magnesium in every serving of Hush™.

affron® Saffron Extract 28 mg

Organic Spanish Saffron standardized to 3.5% Lepticrosalides®

Affron® is a dna-certified saffron extract that contains a patented combination of saffron's main bioactive ingredients, known as Lepticrosalides®.

Affron® is a standardized saffron extract grown and manufactured in Spain.

Affron® contains over 3.5% Lepticrosalides®, which are a patented combination of saffron's four primary bioactive compounds - crocins, crocetin, picrocrocin, and safranal.

Affron® is directly supported by 6 clinical trials in humans which suggest possible benefits for memory, cognition, mood and sleep quality with an incredible safety profile.

Hush™ includes a full, clinically supported dose of 28mg of affron® in every serving.

L-OptiZinc® 30 mg

L-OptiZinc® - Zinc Methionine Sulfate

L-OptiZinc® is a unique mineral chelate that pairs zinc with L-methionine in a 1:1 complex, improving cellular absorption and penetration.

Clinical studies show that L-OptiZinc® is better absorbed than other forms of zinc, and that plasma levels remain higher compared to other forms of zinc.

Zinc is an essential mineral involved in many cellular functions including muscle function, aging, skin and immune health.

When combined with Magnesium and Vitamin B6, zinc is shown to improve sleep quality and recovery.

Hush™ includes a full, researched-supported dose of 30mg of L-OptiZinc®.

L-Tryptophan 300 mg + Vitamin B6 14 mg

Serotonin Precursor + Pyridoxal 5-Phosphate

L-tryptophan is a precursor to serotonin, which is a neurotransmitter related to regulating mood and sleep.

Vitamin B6 is a cofactor in the tryptophan-serotonin pathway, and essential to the conversion process. Additionally, research show us that combining Vitamin B6 with Magnesium helps people recall their dreams.

As with all compounds, there are better and worse forms. We utilize the Pyridoxal phosphate (P5P) form of B6, which is the superior form of this vitamin since it requires one less step in the conversion process - making it the most efficient form available.

L-Typtophan relies on adequate levels of Vitamin B6 as it is essential to the serotonin conversion process.

L-Theanine 150 mg

Natural sleep and calm aid

L-theanine, an naturally occuring amino acid found in tea, seems to target anxiety by blocking excitory neurotransmitters in the brain while encouraging production of the calming neurotransmitters serotonin, dopamine and GABA.

L-Theanine is also said to be neuroprotective, in that it protects neurons from damage, while also stimulating alpha brainwave activity. Alpha brain waves are associated with a state of relaxation.

L-Theanine is not only extremely safe, it is also used to blunt the negative effects associated with caffeine.

We utlize an enantiopure form of L-Theanine, providing a pure and potent form of this amino acid.

Hush™ includes a therapeutic dose of 150mg of L-Theanine.

Product Facts

Product Usage

Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement, take 3 capsules in the evenings, with a glass of water. Do not exceed six (6) capsules in any 24 hour period unless otherwise directed by a healthcare professional.

Warning: Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding, under the age of 18, or if safety seal is broken. Always consult with a medical practitioner prior to use of this or any dietary supplement. Discontinue immediately if any adverse effects occur and contact healthcare care practitioner. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.