Difference between 8:1 and 20:1 LM? And what else?

Noticed 8:1 dual extract lions mane is available.

Can you tell me which you find is best? I have ordered 20:1 for now as I need triterpenes after using just beta glucan Reishi for a few weeks. But it sounds like 8:1 would be the best of both worlds normally?

As for "what else" what I mean is are there any other supps that are synergistic, or are "carriers" for promoting intake of what Reishi and LM contain?


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  • Mitch1984 0 points 2 months ago

    Hi, I have this question too. I thought 20:1 is supposed to be better than 8:1 but can see 8:1 is slightly more money, is it actually that 8:1 is better?

    • Mind Nutrition 0 points 2 months ago

      Sorry for the long wait. The 8:1 extract contains less Beta-Glucans but more triterpenes, so it is a better overall extract.

  • Mind Nutrition 0 points 2 months ago

    As mentioned, the 8:1 will contain a larger amount of triterpenes so it would be a better choice in that regard.

    The bioavailability of these mushrooms is already optimized during the extraction process. There are synergies that can be considered, depending on your desired effects.