Bacopa Synaps Capsules

I bought Bacopa Synapsa Capsules (https://store.mindnutrition.com/nootropics/synapsa-bacopa-monnieri-capsules) and the serving on the supplement says "1 vegetarian capsule" while in the website page under "prodocut usage" there is "320mg once daily and we raccomend an electronic scale for accuracy".

What does it mean? Is the website wrong? Should I take one capsule per day as written in the supplement?

Also should I assume with empy stomach before/after meals?

Last Edited: about 5 months ago
  • Mind Nutrition 0 points 5 months ago

    If you were using the powder, then you would need an electronic scale, however, as you have the capsules it is just 1 capsule per day, which contains the same dosage of 320mg.

    Generally we recommend supplements be taken on an empty stomach, although with Bacopa if you experience any discomfort it may be a good idea to take it after a meal instead.

    Hopefully this helps!