Lion’s Mane, phosphatidylserine, Neurostim and Neurochill
  1. I bought a formula from another brand with phosphatidylserine and bacopa, in few days I had a cognition and memory improvement, was it placebo or not?
  2. Actualy I am taking yours Bacopa Synapsa, I am in the fourth week and I am noticing a little improvement but not as it was with phosphatidylserine.
    I noticed a reduction of libido and erection, Bacopa could cause these problems?
    If yes, stop taking bacopa remove these negative effects?
  3. I am confused about Lion's Mane (Neurostim) and phosphatidylserine (Neurochill) and their effects, what is the best for memory and cognition?
  4. I am looking for something that has effect in a short time.
    Is there a big difference between Neurostim and Neurostim light? The first one is out of stock so I can't buy it
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    1. It really depends on your personal experience, most of the data suggests that PS and Bacopa need weeks of accumulation via daily dosing to attain measurable benefits, so there is potentially some degree of placebo involved early on. You can test improvements using services such as Cambridge Brain Science.

    2. Some people note a reduction in libido with Lion’s Mane, and possible fatigue with certain Bacopa extracts. This can be countered by including something to counter these effects, such as Rhodiola, NALT or Zynamite for symptoms of fatigue. If you stop taking these, any negative effects will subside within a few days.

    3. Neurostim Extracts and Neurochill both contain ingredients that are supported by studies for improvements in memory and cognition, but these formulations are time/situation optimized - Neurostim during the day, Neurochill in the evenings. Lion’s Mane and PS both have supporting evidence for memory and cognition.

    4. Improvements in memory via supplementation are gradual over time, there is no quick-fix. More immediate improvements can be had by including exercise and a balanced nutritional program alongside your nootropic supplementation.

    The only difference between Neurostim Extracts and Neurostim Light is the type of Lion’s Mane mushroom extract used in the formulations - NE contains a 20:1 Dual extract, while NL contains a 1:1 hot-water extract of Lion’s Mane. Both should be in stock once Panax Ginseng is available again.

    You may find it better time customized the timing of your ingredients, perhaps like this:

    Lion’s Mane Extract
    Alpha GPC / Citicoline
    Vitamin D3/K2
    NALT / Rhodiola


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      I am new with these supplements, thank you so much for your answers!

      Neurostim cointains Lion’s Mane, Bacopa and Rhodiola, so with only this should I be fine and don’t have these strange libido effects, right?

      I have not finished yet the Bacopa Synapsa I bought from mindnutrition, if I buy Neurostim should I interrupt taking bacopa pills? I would not exceed the dosage.

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        Neurostim was formulated to help counteract the libido-reducing effects that some people experience, but that doesn’t mean it will entirely eliminate them for everyone.

        If you are already using Synapsa, it may be best to finish that first, or add some of the previously mentioned ingredients individually instead. Eventually, we will be updating Neurostim to include Synapsa in the formulation in place of the Bacopa in there presently.

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          What is best one to counter libido’s drop between Rhodiola, NALT or Zynamite? I would like to stay focused.

          When should I take bacopa? After lunch or dinner?

          Wihen should I take one of the mentionet supplement? Together with Bacopa?


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            Rhodiola, NALT or Zynamite are unlikely to affect libido, although NALT or Zynamite would be good options for focus.

            Bacopa is often best taken later in the day (evenings), but if you don’t experience any lethargy from it, it can be taken earlier in the day. If you are combining anything to counter any negative effects from Bacopa, it is best to take this at the same time.

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              Thank you, your first reply was a bit muddler, I thought it was the answer to “how to counter libido drop”.

              However I would try Zynamite, I drink 3 coffees per day, sometimes 2/1 or zero, I hope it will work.

              When will be released the new Neurostim formula? Because I would try it, if there is too much time to wait I will buy the one available now.

              2 days ago my email was flooded by mindnutrition which ask me a review of Bacopa, I would wait to express my opinion, I received more then 10 emails

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                So there is no way to counter libido’s drop except from taking NeuroStim?