Combining NALT, PS, Lion’s Mane, L-Tryptophan for memory improvements

I would improve my memory, tried with Bacopa Synapsa for 1 month and half, and after Neurostim Light for another month. I didn't noticed any memory improvement so I would try a different path before give up.

I would try combining NALT, PS, Lion's Mane, L-Trytophan.

1) Does this make sense? Should I remove some of them?

2) I had experienced PS (50mg per day) because I used to take it in another supplement. Is it a good idea to take it as 100mg pills?

3) I am not sure about L-Trytophan, NALT should improve dopamine leves, and L-Trytophan serotonin. Why should I manage both together? (it was a suggestion given by Mn account to a previous post)

4) The most important question, how should I take them in a week and how much?

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