Focused Cognition

I'm taking your "Focused Cognition Pack" - consisting of Neurostim Extracts and Neurodrive for about 2 months.

I'm a manager at a rather larger company and i'm studying japanese on the side so i usually take Neurostim daily at around 13:00 and Neurodrive Monday to Thursday at around 17:00. I get home from work at around 18:00 and Neurodrive helps me to keep up energy and focus for studying.

Would you suggest switching from a Neurostim and Neurodrive combination to a Neurostim and Neurochill combination? My main concern is that i won't have the energy that i get from Neurodrive to not fall asleep while studying. Again, i'm only looking for improvements in memory and focus after work. My stresslevels aren't really that high.

Also, do you offer a subscription service?

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  • Mind Nutrition 0 points 2 weeks ago

    As long as you are having good results, there shouldn’t be a need to switch to Neurochill at this stage. The only potential issue would be Neurodrive interfering with sleep if it is taken that late in the day.

    The 3 day break from Neurodrive every few week should be enough to help maintain low-tolerance so that your body doesn’t become too used to the effects of the ingredients, which would potentially blunt the results.

    Of course there are other ways to approach this.

    You could incorporate Neurochill and utilize a more simplified stack for energy that has a shorter half-life, such as Ultra Caffeine combined with some Dynamine or Zynamite instead.

    With regards to subscriptions, we do not offer these via the Mind Nutrition store yet, however, our subsidiary Customized Blends (customizedblends.com) does offer a subscription option now and you would be able to recreate and customized the exact same stacks there.

    Hopefully this helps!