Bacopa, Bacosides, Dosages, and Fatigue

It's common knowledge for many familiar with Bacopa Monnieri extract that the standard dose is 300mg, "assuming that the total Bacoside content (the active compound) is 55% of the extract, by weight." [Source]

And it seems like every company has been following this recommendation without - perhaps unknowingly - addressing the elephant in the room; the method of analysis of the extract in question.

As far as I can tell, pretty much all the Bacopa extracts on the market are tested using UV, or spectrophotometric, analysis. However, the standard for accurately measuring Bacosides is HPLC.

Since Bacopa is a botanical product it will show some degree of Absorbance regardless of the presence or absence of Bacosides in the product. This means that UV and HPLC can have significantly different results, and that UV is less accurate.

Upon looking into it further, it seems that UV is deemed adequate in its accuracy while being a less time consuming and more economical method, which would explain [at least in part] why it seems to be the favoured method of analysis by most.

When we tested the same Bacopa extract using two different analytical methods, the Bacoside content was wildly different. Here is the comparison:


This isn't a negligible difference. It's substantial!

Our Synapsa Bacopa extract, which is produced using a patented method, is standardized to 55% Bacosides by UV - hence the 320mg dosage recommendation.

Furthermore, there are countless reports, so many so that it's pretty common knowledge at this point, that Bacopa causes fatigue in a lot of people - and not just Bacognize. Some find they can overcome this by taking their Bacopa with milk, butter, or a meal - though generally it doesn't seem to help much.

Even more interesting is that many people aren't even aware that there are other generic extracts outside of Synapsa and Bacognize... or of the two analytical methods and the disparity between them.

We've had feedback from a few customers that they experience no fatigue from our own Bacopa extract. Bear in mind this is anecdotal evidence, not a claim on our part.

Now I'm wondering if the fact that we use a 50% Bacoside extract that is verified by HPLC has anything to do with it. I suspect that the higher Bacosides may be a factor here.

Maybe people would be interested in trialing the two types of extracts and seeing how they respond...

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  • ChemicalBrother 0 points 1 year ago

    What about the fatigue? How long does it last? If one is to take it in the evening, would he simply sleep better or would he be generally fatigued overall?

    • rafsmolak 0 points 1 year ago

      It seems to vary from one person to the next. Based on feedback and experiences reported, it can last more than 24 hours for some.

      If you experience fatigue on Bacopa, unless you find something to counter it, you may notice fatigue for the duration, since it is best taken every day. Or, you may only notice it for a few hours, or perhaps not at all.

      Inherently, I think that most people will end up trying the two most popular extracts out there (Synapsa and Bacognize) without considering any other types, reaching the conclusion that all Bacopa will leave them feeling fatigued.

      It’s simply best to experiment. Personally, I haven’t noticed any fatigue from Bacopa.

      Edited 1 year ago