Coffee scented Lions mane

Hi all, I used to buy from Mind Nutrition until my country clamped down on certain nootropics that had to be bought from suppliers within South Africa.

I usually buy theire light brown coloured Lions Mane and bought a batch that is dark brown and has a scent of coffee. I was told that the darker kind is from a different supplier as their other supplier was out of stock. I was told that the light brown was a 20% extract and the darker a 30% extract ? If this is some kind of coffee what would the potency be as only bought it as a top up of only 15 grams to get a bigger order discount. Your views please.. 

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  • Mind Nutrition 0 points 1 year ago

    Pure Lion’s Mane will be light brown in appearance and have a rich mushroom smell. A higher percentage extract will not be darker or smell like coffee, that is not true.

    Are the 20/30% figures the polysaccharide counts, or the Beta-Glucan content? Did they provide you with a certificate of analysis for the extracts?

    For what it’s worth, you would have no issues with any of the products from our UK store and importing into SA, it’s only the exotic compounds that are an issue. Interestingly, any local vendors of these compounds are treading on thin ice because things like racetams, afinils, etc. are restricted from sale in SA.

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    Espresso Lion’s Mane and Chaga 10sach (PACK OF. Pleasant espresso, when you first blend you can smell the gritty mushroom smell.


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    Actually mushroom coffee with chaga and lion’s mane brand is usually used as morning beverage perfect to kick start your morning