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I've recently ordered a sample pack of Neurostim to try. Absolutely loved it. Just two capsules in the morning did the trick for me. Had an increased focus and cognitive energy for entire day. However I'm a bit confused by the contents. The bag sample capsules arrived in listed all the ingredients from the website and also 10mg of Vinpocetine per serving. I've taken Vinpocetine before and it worked really well for me. So now I'm wondering if I order a bottle of Neurostim, would it contain Vinpocetine as well as sample bag? It is not mentioned on the product page for some reasons.


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  • Mind Nutrition 0 points 1 year ago

    Vinpocetine was very recently removed from Neurostim Extracts altogether (Neurodrive too). There will be new labeling for the samples and Neurostim to reflect this in the next few weeks.

  • igaranin 0 points 1 year ago

    Good to know.
    So does that mean that the sample I’ve received didn’t actually contain Vinpocetine (apart from mention on the label)?


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