Aniracetam: The Smartest Racetam

Aniracetam: The Smartest Racetam

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  • Possibly one of the most overlooked compounds for memory enhancement, aniracetam demonstrates some of the most beneficial mind enhancing properties of all the "racetams", which are a family of nootropics sharing very similar chemical structures.

    Aniracetam is closely related to piracetam however its effects are a great deal stronger at smaller doses, while it shows virtually no side-effects due to its low toxicity levels.

    With effects such as increased communication between neurons for improved focus and concentration, it's not surprising that this particular racetam seems to be the primary choice of many seeking a cognitive boost.

    Aniracetam's psychological effects vary from person to person, however most people experience increased alertness and a general feeling of well-being and calmness. Its cognition enhancing effects are not something that you will necessarily 'feel' like you would with stronger stimulants, but they become obvious once you realize that your mental performance has improved - faster memory recall, better memory retention and improved concentration.

    A little Neuroscience

    Your brain is made up of millions of neural networks, which are cells consisting of various chemicals and compounds. Neurons communicate using terminals on either end, known as dendrites and axons. Information is passed over synapses between neurons, where axon and dendrite terminals meet.

    During the thought process chemical reactions occur between neurons, in the synapses, which enable the passing over of information from one neuron to the next. Within the neurons you will find receptors and compounds which allow them to function, one of them being the AMPA receptor. AMPA receptors are some of the most common receptors found within the central nervous system, and are essential in mediating fast synaptic transmission.

    Now, by selectively modulating these receptors, aniracetam effectively improves the speed of signals transmitted over the synapses – which in turn improves the overall performance of the brain.¹

    Furthermore, aniracetam's primary function is to improve the connection between the left and right hemispheres of the brain which facilitates memory recall, focus and an improved attention to detail.

    Picture a river dividing two cities, with only one bridge linking them together. By building more bridges you are allowing for a better flow of traffic and promoting faster communication channels between these two cities.

    This same logic applies to inter-hemispheric communication and to that of neurons – improve the connections within your brain and its performance will be vastly improved, too.

    A Sense of Calm

    Besides its ability for improving memory and learning, aniracetam also exhibits a variety of beneficial cognitive enhancing effects, as demonstrated in various studies with animals. These studies indicate that when administered with doses of aniracetam, there were significant reductions in depression and anxiety cause by various environmental stress-tests. These included forced swim tests, social interaction tests, mazes and conditioned fear stress.² ³ ⁴

    Through these studies aniracetam has shown to have strong anxiolytic or anti-anxiety properties that are brought about by acting on certain chemical systems within the brain, which instate calmness over the body in otherwise stressful situations.⁵

    This means you will perform better under pressure, whether it's during exams, at work or even during physical training. Yes, many people find aniracetam to be helpful in the gym, especially to improve focus when learning new exercises or techniques.

    Have you ever struggled to remember something when put under pressure? 'Drawn a blank' – so to speak? That's most likely because of elevated cortisol levels in the body, as a result of stress. This often leads to a 'foggy' thought process. When you are calm and relaxed, your cortisol levels stabilise, which in turn has a huge impact on mental clarity and performance in general.

    Aniracetam can indirectly act on cortisol levels, making you calmer and reducing anxiety so that you can get back to a clearer state of mind much faster.

    Combat Aging of the Mind

    Aniracetam has been extensively researched and used since the late 1970s to successfully treat forms of senile dementia and Alzheimer's. It has been proven to reduce depression, anxiety & sleep disorders in patients that suffer from Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and post-stroke depression.⁶

    In addition to this, aniracetam is also praised for its neuroprotective effects in partially preventing brain damage and improving post-trauma memory loss.⁷ ⁸ ⁹

    Dosages and Usage

    There are virtually no contraindications relating to aniracetam, nor have there been any reported over-doses; considering you would have to consume nearly 500 times the recommended dosage to reach its toxicity levels, an overdose is extremely unlikely.

    The only noted side-effects are insomnia and mild anxiety, which were rare, but most likely due to users being overly sensitive to aniracetam's mild stimulating effect. Side-effects can be avoided by reducing dosages and administering the compound at earlier times of the day.

    Aniracetam has a half life of around 4 hours when administered orally, peaking at about the 2 hour mark. Ideally, it is taken with a food rich in healthy fats, as this can increase the absorption rate by up to 100%.

    Furthermore, splitting the doses into 2 or more servings per day will maximise its effects, allowing you to reap the benefits all day long.

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