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Neurodrive® 2.0
On the ball!
I chose a sample pack of 3 capsules (full dose) of this Neurodrive® 2.0 and I've just taken them. I left aside my usual TeaCrine + Zynamite + caffeine dose. Good job I did that, these bad boys are STRONG! I've been putting off doing a full grocery shop since Christmas. I'm about to get ready and on my way to the store ASAP! One thing I feel I must add is that for me, 3 caps is just too much. I'd take 2 max, or maybe just one next time and go from there. So I recommend taking it steady at first ...
Jan 4, 2020
A remedy for over-sleeping?
I forgot to mention the other great thing that happened. I suffer from severe Hypersomnia. An 18-hour sleep is a regular occurrence! I recently had a sleep study done. My readings showed no sign of any drop in oxygen levels while I slept. So no Sleep Apnea. As a result, I was told it must be Neurological. Great! As I've previously mentioned, last night I took a sample dose of HUSH™. I went to bed around 1:20 am. At just before 8 am this morning my eyes shot open. I rolled over and tried to cl ...
Jan 4, 2020
I'm completely shocked at what this great supplement can do! I'm already taking 125mg TeaCrine® + 200mg Zynamite® + 100mg caffeine each morning. The TeaCrine® works, though I'd like to experiment with a higher dose. The Zynamite® is very unique though hard to explain. It's like caffeine but you can feel that it's not. I also fancied trying some Dynamine®. So, I ordered all 3. These great guys and gals at Mind Nutrition allow you 2 samples for each order. So I chose Neurodrive® 2.0 & Hus ...
Jan 4, 2020

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Why Nootropics are Critical for the Modern Lifestyle

Nov 15, 2019

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Why Liver Health Is Important For Energy

Nov 6, 2019

Many people are completely unaware of the vital role the liver plays in supporting optimal health. Most of us probably think back to high-school when we were taught how excess alcohol consumption can...

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Levagen®+ - The Body’s Most Effective Anti-inflammatory Agent And Beyond

Jun 26, 2019

It is highly likely you’ve come across Cannabidiol (CBD) products advertised online and in the market place… Granted, CBD does indeed exert many health benefits. However, not many people are familiar with a compound...

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