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Bacopa Synapsa™ Powder

Synapsa™ Bacopa Monnieri Extract Powder

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4.00  |  4 Reviews

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  • Provides minimum 8% Bacosides by HPLC (55% Bacosides by UV)
  • Whole plant extract (roots and leaves)
  • Supported by clinical studies 
  • May help support cognition and memory 
  • May function as a natural calming agent 
  • May help support sleep 

What is Synapsa™ Bacopa Extract Powder?

Synapsa™ is a unique extract of Bacopa Monnieri, with a wide range of active constituents that contribute to its therapeutic properties. Synapsa™ is the result of over 30 years of extensive research & development at the Central Drug Research Institute (CDRI) in India.

Bacopa Monnieri is a plant extract that assists in elevating mental acuity while supporting the physiological processes involved in relaxation. Bacopa is regarded as an important revitalizing nootropic and adaptogenic herb for nerve and brain cells, which means it plays an important role in the treatment of cognitive disorders (such as those involved with aging). Bacopa has been linked, through research, to improve cognition along with the formation of memories.

As a nootropic, Bacopa has shown to work synergistically with GABA receptors, enhancing the effects of this neurotransmitter for improved relaxation and neuron communication. 

As an adaptogen, Bacopa Monnieri may assist in improving responses to stress and help to calm your nerves.

Synapsa™ Bacopa Extract Powder Benefits

Data from clinical trials show statistically significant results with Synapsa™ Bacopa Monnieri Extracts. Strong clinical support is based on:

7 ‘foundational’ clinical trials
6 ‘targeted’ randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trials

Synapsa™ Bacopa Bacoside Content

Synapsa Bacopa is standardized to contain 55% bacosides by UV, or 8% Bacosides by HPLC. We use the latter measure of bacosides due to a higher accuracy of HPLC assays. All Synapsa™ branded bacopa is identical, we simply use the more accurate measure of Bacosides, just as we do with our own Bacopa Monnieri extract.

Where to buy Synapsa™ Bacopa Extract Powder?

Synapsa™ Bacopa powder is available from Mind Nutrition in the UK. Each container includes 15, 30, or 60 grams of pure Synapsa™ Bacopa extract powder. 

Reviews (4)

Jun 10, 2019
The taste of this product is far ΤΗΕ worst of any chemical substance that was ever introduced to my taste buds all the years of my life. It taste so bitter that it makes you wanna vomit, its taste is like of a dried ultra bitter herb. Also you have to add like 1 and a little more of a spoon of sugar to ''try'' to make the bitterness disappear. I am really frustrated by this item cause to be clear out of 10 items i orders, all 9 were amazing, meaning many items didnt have taste at all or they didnt have bad taste and some tasted really good(like lion mane mushroom 20:1). I think this product does give a very false image about the quality of the products company, but mine was really really bad, tasted so bitter, could cause vomit and made the whole experience of taking it really unpleasant. I have most of the product cause like i said consumption was hard. (for some reason i cant choose the option no:( for recommened)
The taste of Bacopa has to do with the active components within the extract, Bacopa is known to have a strong taste and that taste is no reflection of the quality of the extract. We strongly recommend not consuming sugar alongside extracts, as it tends to have anti-nootropic effects unless consumed around a workout. We do offer Synapsa in capsules, which overcomes the bitter flavour of any ingredient. Many ingredients are very bitter in taste, even more so than Bacopa. If you send us an email, we can arrange some capsules for you instead.
Jan 8, 2019
High quality Bacopa powder
My Second order of this product. I think that it's the best Bacoba supplement available online!
Oct 15, 2018
Top notch
This is my third overall order. Very fast and reliable. The Bacopa Synapsa is exactly what i was looking for. It helps me remember small things, like numbers, names and so on. It also enhanced my ability to do multiple things at the same time without losing track of what i have done so far. In addition it made my thoughts less cloudy and improved my mood and energy levels. For me it took about 3 weeks to notice the full effects. The 30 grams last for about 3 months, so this is very well priced. I have tested regular bacopa that ordered off of amazon , which didn't do anything for me. And i have also tried Bacopa Bacognize, which sorta seemed to have a calming effect but in turn made me more dull than anything. So Synapsa is the Bacopa for me. I hope this product stays in the shop. A+
Jun 4, 2018
Pharmaceutical Grade-Supplement
Fast and reliable shipping to Germany. This was my second order, this is my go to source for Nootropics now.

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Facts & Use

Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement, take 320mg once daily. We recommend an electronic scale for accurate dosages.

Warning: Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding, elderly, under the age of 18 or if the safety seal is broken. Always consult with a medical practitioner prior to use of this or any dietary supplement. Discontinue immediately if any adverse effects occur and contact your healthcare practitioner.