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All Reviews

C Shane

Jun 19, 2021
Helped me get some good sleep during some tough times. Highly recommend.
B Robert

Dec 1, 2020
Citicoline Capsules
'Lockdown' (?) seems to have exacerbated my stress, to the extent that I have developed heart palpitations (Atrial Fibrillation).
I found Citicoline to be effective at calming my nerves and getting my heart rate down, so an effective 'mood stabiliser'.
At the moment I only take it when needed and I now consider it to be indispensable, and will carry some capsules with me.
Side effects? Memorable lucid dreams.
F Georgedd

Oct 21, 2020
Rhodiola Rosea Extract 3/1 Powder
Been taking this religiously every day in the morning, It has made a huge difference, never thought a product like this would work so well. Very happy customer, Will buy more and recommend.
Z Ashley

Oct 20, 2020
affron® Saffron Extract Capsules
This product helps me a lot. I have a hard time with eye contact and this makes it easier to do. I take notice when I ran out of this. I was returned to a place of despair and worry. It’s not strong, so don’t expect SSRI like effects, like a personality change or anything. It just helps with the hopelessness and despair. Highly, highly recommend.
H Jesse

Sep 26, 2020
Neurodrive® 2.0
I recently tried a sample of Neurodrive 2.0 and have to say, I am EXTREMELY impressed.

As an avid gym goer/bodybuilder - I’ve tried various “pre workout” products over the years, most of which are overly caffeinated, overly stimmed and over priced!

I only took 2 capsules of Neurodrive as I’m typically cautious of stimulants due to anxiety and energy crashes, but this really delivered everything I hoped it would and far exceeded my expectation.

I decided to test this out on a leg day after a bad nights sleep and within 15 minutes I felt the magic happen.

The initially sensation was akin to having a strong cup of coffee but without the jitters or elevated heart rate you would typically experience from caffeine (the dose of caffeine here isn’t excessive which suits me perfectly).

After the initial “kick” I experienced a calm focused state and a noticeable increase in mental acuity. I felt very alert with a heightened sense of well being.

I don’t usually write reviews on products often but I felt compelled to share my experience and can honestly say this is by far the best product in its class.

I will be purchasing a full tub immediately and recommending it to friends, family, clients or anyone needing a pick me up or boost in energy.

Fantastic product and fantastic company who clearly care and take pride in the formulations they produce.

Mind nutrition deserve more recognition as there are A LOT lots of companies within the supplement industry who are making fortunes selling crap due to marketing tactics!

Mind Nutrition - you’ve nailed it with this product.

Your feedback means a lot to us. Thank you!

Aug 15, 2020
Rhodiolife® Rhodiola Rosea 3/1 Capsules
Highest quality siberian rhodiola with numerous benefits i've noticed after 1 week !
S Stefan

Aug 9, 2020
Lion's Mane Mushroom 1:1 Extract Capsules
Tried the amazon kind on recommendation of a friend a couple of moths ago. It made me sleep better ( big deal for me), but when I ran out - Amazon didn’t have the same kind so I ordered the next one on the list. It had no effect, so I kind of stumbled on this site - based on the article they have here on what good lion’s mane should look/smell like. This has been great - energy, mood, better sleep. I can hardly believe it . I don’t want to tout it too much because it might not work the same way for everybody ( after researching a bit on the internet). I may be an outlier - the only research for increase of energy I could find was done on mice ( the lion’s mane made them swim longer than the control)
I have been doing some research and apparently you need both the fruiting body and the mycelium part. Not sure about the proportions in this one. definitely worth a shot - 15 quid for the possibility of all day clean energy, great mood and better sleep?
I hope this helps somebody.
Thank you for your feedback! There is no mycelium in our Lion's Mane mushroom extracts - we only use the whole fruiting bodies. The fruiting bodies contain different types of active compounds than the ones found in mycelium. There are certainly some very promising active compounds found within mycelium, but the availability of pure mycelium extracts is rare, and they cannot be properly standardized to the specific terpenes which we would want for their most beneficial effects. At least not to any kind of standard that we could validate with an independent lab. This is why we don't stock any kind of mycelium extracts at this time, and why we think that whole mushroom extracts are the best choice.
R Alexia

Jun 30, 2020
Lion's Mane Mushroom 8:1 Extract Capsules
I've been taking this for nearly a year now and love it. It really helps with any 'social anxiety' and helps you feel more comfortable, confident and relaxed. I will take this for the foreseeable future, great product!
S Avinash

Jun 26, 2020
Lion's Mane Mushroom 8:1 Extract Powder
I have been using the 8:1 extract of Lions Mane extracf in conjunction with Citicoline, UMP, Phosphatidylserine and Leavagen+ Pea dosed morning and evening.

Since the addition of Lions Mane a couple of weeks ago, I am impressed by the synergy with the other products which has given a significant boost to memory retention and recall.

Also, the combination of products has boosted my athletic agility in addition to my mental one!

I can recommend that one should definitely add the 8:1 Lions Mane extract to enhance their supplement regime
S Avinash

Jun 13, 2020
Levagen®+ PEA Powder
I am a sceptic when it comes to new products in the market and must say that when I read about this as an alternative to CBD I was sceptical.

I am pleased to say that it works extremely well if not better than CBD.

There are two reasons I bought Levagen®+ PEA Powder after doing extensive research:
1) Independent research provides good evidence for the efficacy of this product. It has sound science to back it up.
2) I travel globally with work as a management consultant and CBD is not a product that is legal or fully understood in many of the countries I visit. I don't want to be sitting in a cell and potentially lose my job over something that is in a grey area at best.

My experience with Levagen®+ PEA Powder is a very good one. It took half an hour for me to start feeling relaxed and my REM sleep was excellent and dreams were lucid. I woke up feeling rested and rejuvenated.

My running time has been reduced as my research indicates it has a positive impact on biochemistry related to this area also.

There are dozens of sources I could go to. But I always stick with Mind Nutrition. Their advice is always professional and products of a very high standard.

If you need to relax, have amazing dreams or just shave minutes of your running time (due to recovery being enhanced) you cannot go wrong with adding Levagen®+ PEA Powder to your supplement regime.
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