How to verify that your nootropics make a difference

How to verify that your nootropics make a difference

If you’re trying to boost your physical performance, you keep track of metrics. Measuring outcomes like weight, resting heart rate, blood glucose, and lap time, you verify that your efforts are effective, and you can stop wasting time on anything that doesn’t work. Shouldn’t you have metrics to help you determine the effects of your choices on your brain performance too?

The nootropics you take and the lifestyle habits you adopt may have a direct impact on long-term brain health and day-to-day variations in how well your brain functions. Sometimes that comes across as a subjective feeling of “sharp” or “foggy,” but those feelings don’t always translate into objective performance. I don’t know about you, but some of my most productive days result from pushing through a feeling of brain fog and realizing that, actually, my brain’s working pretty well. And if I’m given an objective measure of this feeling, I gain even more confidence knowing I can tackle life’s challenges.

Some choices could even be doing damage without you knowing it. While hits to physical health have visible effects—an extra notch in the belt, a higher number on the scale, a lower weight on the gym machine—mental decline is invisible, especially if it occurs gradually. That’s all the more frustrating when a simple change could have prevented it altogether.

Clearly, there’s a need for an objective measurement of your brain’s performance. So how, then, does one track brain performance?

Use a Validated Tool to Quantify Your Brain Power

Cambridge Brain Sciences gives you brain insights that empower you to be at your best every day. With cognitive tests that have been validated in hundreds of scientific studies, we provide objective information about how sharp you are today—it’s like a Fitbit for your brain.

You can match up your cognitive performance with choices you make, like your nootropics stack and your lifestyle habits. With that information in hand, you can avoid wasting time and money on anything that doesn’t make a tangible difference.

The C-Score is a summary of your current cognitive performance, calculated based on an algorithm developed by our team of neuroscientists. It combines scores from a set of scientifically-validated tests, which cluster into three cognitive domains: reasoning, short-term memory, and verbal ability. The C-Score can give you a quick metric to check up on your brain, then you can dig deeper into which specific cognitive domains you’re strongest in, and how each one reacts to your decisions. It takes less than 10 minutes to get a daily brain report, and compare your results to more than 75,000 users.

Example of a Cambridge Brain Sciences brain report

It’s free to start, and only takes a few seconds to sign up, so give us a try:

“The presentation of my brain report, and the integration between my cognition and my lifestyle, were top-notch. I’ll keep coming back—I eagerly anticipate the rich insights I’ll get as I explore my brain.” — Don, 43, Chicago

Optimize Your Nootropics Stack Using Data from Cambridge Brain Sciences

Cambridge Brain Sciences is perfect for tracking your daily nootropics stack and ensuring it’s doing what you designed it to do. With the Daily Journal feature, record today’s details, then analyze the effects when you have enough data. If there is a dip or a peak in your performance, you can see exactly what you did differently that day. Be sure to get baseline metrics during a period when you are not taking any nootropics as well, so you have something to compare against.

Memory, reasoning, and verbal ability are tracked separately, so you can get specific about which aspects of cognition you need to work on, and which domain your nootropics stack is having the biggest effect on.

Your brain doesn’t operate in a vacuum, so tracking the top lifestyle factors that impact your cognition is important too. Quickly input sleep, exercise, and stress data, and with a pro account, we’ll crunch the numbers to let you know when your brain is at its best. We’re also working on guided nootropics tracking that automatically delivers you insight about what’s most effective.

“Working with Cambridge Brain Sciences, I became aware of the things that really matter. It’s not about intelligence, but how I use my brain—and my brain is at its best when I optimize my lifestyle.” — Jason, 31, Sacramento

Take a Scientific Approach

Cambridge Brain Sciences takes the “sciences” part seriously, demanding rigorous proof that our measures are accurate and our insights relevant. We take the “brain” part seriously too—the tests and scores are based on fMRI scans demonstrating that each score corresponds to actual, physical, squishy parts of your brain.

The tests are super fun, but they come from a long history of neuropsychological research, and we have studied them ourselves with the help of tens of thousands of people who have taken them. Our analyses have revealed exactly how the tests relate to each other, and which parts of the brain they require. They have been used in over 300 peer-reviewed cognition papers, and large-scale studies have used Cambridge Brain Sciences to make groundbreaking discoveries. This research shows that the tests are sensitive to even small changes in brain function, and specific enough to identify which cognitive domains are affected.

Meaningful insights require a lot of data. For insights specific to you, that means tracking your cognition regularly—every day, if you can. We designed Cambridge Brain Sciences to take the minimum amount of time necessary, so it’s realistic to log in often. That will allow you to identify both short-term and long-term effects of any intervention, achieving more “on” days as well as steady improvement over time.

Measure the Effectiveness of Your Own Brain Fitness Efforts

Every step you take to improve your brain health costs time and money. How can you know if those expenditures are worth it? In less than 10 minutes a day, Cambridge Brain Sciences can help ensure that you are buying the right nootropics, making the right lifestyle choices, and tracking the right data to get your brain where you know it can be.

Take your brain-boosting efforts to the next level by signing up for a free account at Cambridge Brain Sciences today.


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