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    We stock a huge range of natural nootropics and supplements from the best manufacturers around the world.

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    The best selection of nootropic extracts built through years of working closely with world-class suppliers & testing labs.

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Recent Product Reviews

Neurodrive® 2.0
Thanks Mind Nutrition- Genuinely felt like since taking this and a couple of other recent supplements, that it has helped with energy management through my office working day. I feel hopeful it will allow me to have energy for my own projects and will strive to do this. Taking this in the morning with breakfast or lunch really does seem to waken me up and have clarity to deliver strongly in everything I do. Sometimes, I don’t feel the drive or feel the need to compete, this makes me feel like ...
Feb 24, 2024
Bio-Enhanced® Na-R-ALA Powder
It works
It is easier on the stomach than other formulas I’ve tried. Has a tonifying, cleansing and energising effect. Also good as part of a general detox program.
Jan 28, 2024
AvailOm® High DHA Omega-3 Capsules (500mg)
The most stable form of DHA
I’ve been taking vegan DHA for many years. I’ve tried many brands but no batch proved consistent due to the fact that DHA is so unstable. I stopped buying DHA for almost one year until AvailOM became available. It is a solid form of DHA complexed with the amino acid Lysine. It’s more expensive than the usual gel caps but far more reliable in terms of consistency.
Jan 10, 2024
Bacopa Monnieri Capsules
A real benefit
After taking for a few weeks i noticed my memory recall and working memory have improved noticeably. It really helps at work as my job involves a lot of data entry. I'm able to process a lot of information and not constantly worry that I forgot to check something. I can also juggle more things in my head a bit better. The downside is reduced drive or motivation which would be bad during the day but perfect for the evening as it helps me wind down for bed without procrastinating online.
Dec 20, 2023

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Innovative Natural Nootropics

For over nine years Mind Nutrition has been at the forefront of developing effective, natural nootropic stacks and supplements in the UK.

With friendly advice and support, next-day UK delivery, and free shipping on orders over £35 in the UK and £200 worldwide, it's not surprising that our customers consistently choose us when buying their nootropic supplements.

Our Rigorous Process

We work with world's leading ingredient manufacturers to provide cutting-edge nootropic products from established sources. Independent and accredited labs are used to verify every one of our ingredients by assessing purity, heavy metal content, and contaminants.

Using in-house production, our products are encapsulated in natural plant-based capsules with virtually no fillers or additives. Unlike most of the industry, we strive for transparency in every aspect of our products and service.