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All Reviews

J Joe

Dec 4, 2019
Cordyceps Mushroom Extract Powder
This cordyceps extract is an all round winner for me. Less fatigue, less burnout, feel much more oxygenated all the time and provides greater endurance. Also lifts my mood up and stops me getting stressed as easy. Would recommend to anyone and would hate to be without it.
L Brian

Nov 27, 2019
As a new parent I really don't get the amount of sleep I used to get so it was great to find HUSH and be able to operate better (mentally and physically) on only 2-4hrs of sleep!
P Andrei

Oct 15, 2019
Bacopa Synapsa™ Capsules
I have ordered Mind nutrition bacopa synapsa 120 veggie capsules:
I weight 74 kg, and for me the experience was some thing like this:
I felt sleepy the first two weeks, I was taking one capsule every night, but then...
Just one word: COFIDENCE!
What else? Any price I would have payd for a little more confidence... This bacopa synapsa is expensive but if you take it regularly you will feel the effect: eventually sleepiness will fade away and clarity will remain! Especially if you suffer from low self estime and depression! I don't know about memory, I feel like I remember more clearly, there is just less confusion in the brain, and less confusion allows you to remember everything very efficiently, and to understand things better! Double effect!
I feel it also helps for meditation practices.
O Florin Vlad

Oct 10, 2019
Neurostim Extracts
Product is fine, but can we get a more up-to-date lab report? Last one was in 2016...
The lab reports for each of the ingredients are available on their respective product pages.
E Tina

Oct 9, 2019
Levagen®+ PEA Powder
Bought this in June, tried it for two weeks, 300mg a day, and felt worse and worse each day. Granted, it seemed to somewhat help against fibro pain and neurological pain, but the nausea, headache, dizziness, and some lesser side effects mostly affecting the stomach just made it impossible to continue. The nausea disappeared within a day, the headache took a couple of days to get better, but I still get dizzy some days, now many months after quitting.

I tried contacting the manufacturer to make sure they haven't used something in their LipiSperse coating that I'm allergic to, but they simply refused to tell me and basically just gave me a virtual shrug of the shoulders. Not informing customers of of ingredients is just bad form, especially since the main ingredient often is used as a mast cell stabilizer by allergy and mast cell disease sufferers - people who can be incredibly sensitive to certain chemicals, fillers, and coatings.

Not wanting to have spent a small fortune on 60g of powder in vain (bought the large pack since there is "no known side effects of pure palmitoylethanolamide" - the problem is, I missed the small detail that this product isn't clean), I gave it to my mother in law to test against her damaged nerves. I just got told she didn't feel good at all taking it. Considering pure PEA has no known side effects, it feels like they put something in the coating that is an allergen or just not very safe for some people. I have at least learned the costly lesson of never buying something like this again without knowing exactly what's in it. A pure PEA powder without coating would probably be better for, at least, my health.
We're sorry to hear about your experience. Were your dosages measured out accurately, with an electronic scale? Any side-effects that may result from something as well tolerated as Levagen+ would typically subside in a few days. We haven't had a single negative report with the product. The same technology is used in a few of our other products, and again, it is very well tolerated and we have had no reports of side-effects. The symptoms you are experiencing are best diagnosed with a doctors consultation, as this doesn't appear to be a normal reaction if it is related. We would be happy to provide a breakdown had we been made aware of the situation, it is as follows: Polyglycerol polyricinoleate Coconut oil Citrus oil Olive oil Lecithin Vitamin E If we can help resolve this for you, please send our support an email.
K Matthew

Oct 6, 2019
Levagen®+ PEA Capsules
I really love this product. I find it helps with relaxation, sleep and IBS symptoms. I suspect it has also helped with trimming abdominal fat, given its activity at PPAR alpha. It's also one of the few supplements I use that is all positives, with no side effects. Highly recommend for anyone looking for a potent, safe and well researched anti-inflammatory.
S Joanne

Aug 24, 2019
I have always suffered with insomnia, especially since attempting withdrawal from antidepressants & continually search for natural aids. I also have Fibromyalgia so this seemed a good choice considering the ingredients. Always skeptical until I've actually tried something for myself I was pleasantly rewarded with a good night's sleep! I find I only need half a capsule & within 1/2 hr I drift off. Usually I wake around 3 or 4am & have difficulty getting back off...but with these sometimes I sleep right through & even if I do still wake, I get back off easily. I only take them when totally necessary but I've also noticed my aches & pains/muscle soreness are also better the following morning if I do. I appreciate we are all different & what works for one, may not for another...but all I can say is I am the one it does work for!
We're thrilled to hear about your positive experience, Joanne! The Levagen+ component of Hush is the primary contributor to stiffness and muscle recovery. Even though none of the ingredients present in the formula have habit-forming properties, you may find Levagen+ to be a good option on the days you take a break from Hush.
R Alexia

Aug 8, 2019
KSM-66® Ashwagandha Capsules
I've used a few different brands before but this is by far the best. After about a week of taking this I just felt more calm, chilled out and don't get wound up so easily. Would really recommend this to anyone prone to stress or anxiety, it makes a huge difference to your mental wellbeing
Giorgio Delconte

Aug 7, 2019
Bacopa Monnieri Capsules
Fantastic product, I personally recommend it, I have solved several problems with the nervous system.
V Maryan

Aug 6, 2019
Ultra Caffeine
Great quality of ingredients. I would have liked 50mg of caffeine above it's current dosage, but that's because I'm a fast caffeine metabolizer. But overall I get great energy from just 2 pills